Hotel Plus

 This level of service is ideal for those trips in need of some additional support from our team. From providing you with consultation resulting in options personalized to your needs to assisting in making arrangements for spa appointments, tee times, transfers and excursions Hotel Plus is designed to elevate the Hotel Only experience. Trips with a minimum stay of 3 nights and a maximum of 3 properties are perfect for our Hotel Plus program.


This program kicks off with a complimentary consultation call to discuss the destination you have in mind, elaborate on the Hotel Plus planning process and an opportunity for you to provide us with your needs for the specific trip. If you decide that this service level is right for you, we will charge our $100 Hotel Plus Fee and get to work! From there our team will deliver 3 potential options for you to choose from with suggested room categories and highlighting why the properties will be the best fit.

Reservation Management & Concierge Support

Once you decide what property is the best fit for your trip, we will take care of getting you booked! Along with your confirmation you will receive an update from the team with transfer information, activity & excursion options, spa menus and dining choices for your stay on property. After your review our team will take care of arranging your selection of activities. 5 weeks prior to arrival we will send out a reminder highlighting what you have selected and asking if you want to make any additions or changes to the existing itinerary. Final confirmation of your itinerary will occur 3 weeks prior to arrival to ensure everything is set up and your experience will be as smooth as possible. At the 2 week mark, we will send over a finalized itinerary and schedule a final review call to make sure everything looks good to you!


The benefit of our Hotel Plus program is that it offloads the management of your trip and leaves it to the professionals. All you need to focus on is what appointments or reservations you would like to have our Team arrange on your behalf and dream of the beautiful vacation that awaits you! A detail-oriented, organized approach to travel is our strong suit and we are happy to support you on your next vacation! 

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