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Ourisman Travel has a very unique approach in the travel industry. We provide a broad range of services while retaining expertise on luxury hotels and destinations around the world. Our services are designed to take a DIY, more personalized, or fully curated approach.

Hotel Only

Our Hotel Only service was designed with the independent traveler in mind. Hotel Only is best for those who know what they want and prioritize an efficient reservation experience. This service level is perfect for those familiar with our “Ready to Book” requests and other straightforward hotel inquiries. Quick and easy, Hotel Only provides the value added amenities our clients love so much and, of course, comes with our signature VIP post-booking support that adds extra personalization to your stay. Hotel Only is free of introductory fees, with the exception of last-minute, group booking & festive season requests.

Services Include:

  • Post Booking VIP Support
  • Concierge Introductions

Hotel Plus

Hotel Plus was created to provide our clients with a more comprehensive range of services. Hotel Plus is ideal for clients in need of a consultation to help identify the perfect property for their trip or clients looking for assistance with concierge requests. Through our Hotel Plus Consultative service, our team will provide up to three options for clients to consider based on the specific needs of the trip, budget, availability, and other factors. Our team’s expertise has been honed over more than 15 years in the luxury travel industry and extensive knowledge of luxury hotels & resorts. Our Hotel Plus Concierge Assistance service provides additional support with concierge-related requests such as dining reservations, spa appointments, transfers, etc. Our team will facilitate communication with concierge teams at hotels & resorts to ensure smooth communication. Hotel Plus services are available for trips with an investment of $200 per destination or hotel.

Services Include:

  • Optional, brief consultation call
  • Up to three hotel options with rates and amenities, selected with the client’s needs in mind
  • Assistance and support with concierge requests

Tailored Luxury

Tailored Luxury is our top-tier service level, offering our clients a highly personalized approach to itinerary design. This service level provides clients with an all-encompassing, fully curated travel experience. Our team manages every aspect of your trip every step of the way, from consultation to design to your return home and everything in between. Tailored Luxury grants clients access to exclusive experiences all over the world and delivers a truly tailored itinerary for each and every trip. Tailored Luxury kicks off with a $400 project initiation fee and is best for trips where the goal is to experience the world in a truly unique way.

Services Include:

  • Consultation call required
  • Fully customized itinerary inclusive of all elements of your trip – from hotels to transfers to experiences and everything in between
  • On the ground support while traveling
  • Exclusive access to unique experiences through our global partnerships

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