Booking Policies and Professional Fees

At Ourisman Travel, we have traveled the world and invested our time to develop expertise in luxury hotels and trip itinerary management. Most importantly, we have developed and nurtured relationships with key hotel and partner contacts that allow us to offer our clients exceptional value-added amenities and VIP experiences to your hotel stays.

We recognize and respect the importance of our job as travel advisors being able to save our clients time and money by best advising on constantly changing travel irregularities. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, it’s that trip management is often a much more significant part of a trip than the planning itself.

We also realize that plans change and we’re not always in control. Our clients understand and appreciate that we employ our fees to ensure our value and time is appreciated and compensated. And in return, we are happy to waive them when they are not necessary.

Trust that our fees disclosed are based on experience and knowledge, and are reasonable for a professional at our level. Professional fees are necessary to remain in business and service your travels.

Hotel Only

In our industry, we are unique in that we do not charge booking fees for processing Hotel-Only reservations, however, we do charge Professional Fees in the following cases:

  • Consultation Fee: $100 fee, per destination
    • Outsource the research to us! This fee applies to trips that require additional research to find the perfect destination and hotel for your needs or if extra consultation is required to understand the options.
  • Last-Minute Booking Fee: $75 fee, per reservation
  • Cancelation Fee: $50 fee, per reservation
    • This fee applies in the event you request to cancel your trip.
  • Change Fee: $50 fee, per reservation
    • This fee applies in the event you request to postpone your trip.
  • Non-Commissionable Fee: 15% fee of the total room rate, per reservation
    • In the rare instance that a reservation is non-commissionable or the hotel does not pay commission, we charge a booking fee equal to 15% of the total room rate, before taxes.

Hotel Plus

Our Hotel Plus service allows clients to focus on the fun of their upcoming trip and leaves the organization to us! This service level requires a $150 fee and provides clients with true reservation management – from helping you narrow down the perfect property and room category to assisting with transfer arrangements and dining/spa reservations. This program is the perfect middle ground for trips that need a little something extra, but not as much curation as a full-blown Tailored Luxury itinerary.

Is your trip a good fit for Hotel Plus?
Hotel Plus is perfect for those who prefer to outsource the research and reservation management to us. This service will benefit those who prefer to make arrangements for their trips ahead of time.

Tailored Luxury

We work with our clients to design fully curated travel itineraries; you can learn more about our Tailored Luxury services here. Our work begins with a complimentary phone call to discuss your travel inquiry; our fee of $350 is a project initiation fee and is charged after our initial phone call once we’ve established a plan for designing your itinerary. This fee covers one destination and one itinerary proposal allowing for 3 rounds of editing. Beyond that, additional fees apply.

Is your trip a good fit for Tailored Luxury?
Tailored Luxury is designed for trips with a minimum budget of $15,000 with travel dates more than 90 days from the initial inquiry.

Additional Fees

In some cases, additional fees may apply. These will be discussed during our initial consultation phone call and the itinerary design process. We never charge fees without first discussing them with our clients:

  • Last Minute Bookings: Any inquiry received within 90 days of travel will incur a minimum fee of $200 in addition to the usual project initiation fee.
  • Net-based Pricing = 18%: Whenever possible, we will request NET prices (i.e. non-commissionable with no mark-ups) from our partners and pass that directly on to our clients for full pricing transparency. Our fee will be charged separately at 18%.
  • Destination Proposal Fee: Our Tailored Luxury fee is intended for one destination. If you need to compare multiple destinations, an additional $100 will be charged per new destination.
  • Activity Management Fee: Our itinerary proposal includes our recommendations for tours and activities specifically designed for you based on your interests communicated during our initial consulting call. If you require a more detailed menu of activities available within the destination, we can create an activity menu outlining the options available. The fee for this service is $400 per stop/region within the itinerary. We require 60-days notice prior to a trip to produce the menu and 3 weeks prior to the trip to confirm reservations. Outside of that timeline, additional last-minute booking fees may apply.
  • Specialty TripsFees will be discussed on a case-by-case basis for specialty trips including “around-the-world” itineraries or other, longer trips involving multiple destinations.

Festive Bookings

Festive Bookings at luxury resorts typically require searching for available space and managing the resort’s waitlist. In addition, a minimum number of nights is often required (7-10 nights), and there may be requirements that your stay includes both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Requests for travel between December 20 and January 4 are considered festive bookings and will incur a project initiation fee:

  • For requests received between January 1 and July 1, the fee is $100.
  • For requests received after July 1, the fee is $200. If the requested hotels have posted their own festive booking policies, which may include blackout days for check-in/out or minimum stay requirements, an additional $150 will be added to our booking fee to cover the additional time and resources required to navigate the challenges of making a reservation during this season.

Note: Festive fees do not apply to hotels with flexible cancellation policies over the holidays.

Group Bookings

A $50 fee, per room, applies for trip inquiries requesting 4 or more rooms.

Private Charters

Flying private has become more popular recently, and we work with a handful of elite charter partners. The cost of flying private initially depends on whether you prefer to charter ad-hoc or invest in a membership. It also depends on distance, which determines the size of the jet required to get you to your destination.

Private charter requests require a $200 fee to cover the time and research that goes into securing a charter partner that can best facilitate the charter request.

To book a private charter, fill out our Charter Request Form.

** We reserve the right to change fees on a case-by-case basis

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