Hotel Only

We understand that many of our clients are independent travelers, and appreciate our services for the value-added amenities that we are able to provide through our Hotel Only services, free of any additional fees. We’re happy to get you started with our resources, including maps of our preferred hotels and hotel site inspection reports. Once you have narrowed down your top 2-3 hotels for your trip, let us know and we’ll jump in to provide you with rates and amenities! Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free and quick booking experience.

Ready to Book (RTB)

“RTB” is a term we use to identify the perfect inquiry for Hotel Reservation Management. One e-mail (or travel request form) and you’re done! Perfect for the independent traveler, RTB provides you with a quick and easy booking experience so you can move on to planning the rest of your trip! First, make sure your traveler profile is up to date. Then, send us your travel inquiry through our Travel Request Form. An RTB inquiry should include the following information so that we can ensure you receive your reservation confirmation as fast as possible:

Items to include:

  • Hotel Name
  • Dates of Stay
  • Room category and bedding
  • Rate you are seeing on the hotel website (or on Virtuoso)
  • Number of adults/children (including ages) traveling and their names
  • Approval to book with “card on file ending in…”

For Example:

  • Four Seasons San Francisco
  • 13NOV-5NT, departing 18NOV
  • Deluxe Room, king bed
  • I'm seeing 518 USD/night on the hotel website
  • 2 adults/1 child - Myself, my spouse Nicole, and our son Jackson (age 3)
  • If all matches up, please book on my AMEX ending in 0000!

Once received, we will assess your inquiry to ensure you’re receiving the best available rate option. If all the details are matching up on our end, we will confirm the booking for you and guarantee your applicable amenities.

Self-Service Hotel Bookings via the Virtuoso Booking Tool:

We love the Virtuoso Booking Tool and our clients do too! The tool allows you to book most of your Virtuoso hotels online, while still receiving our usual VIP process and value-add amenities. Once you’ve booked, we will receive a notification and get in touch to discuss any notes or preferences for your trip. We have posted additional details about how to get the most out of this tool. A few key items to remember:

  • You’ll love this tool if you are a DIY traveler, especially if you’re looking to book outside of regular business hours (evenings and weekends).
  • The Virtuoso booking tool is meant to expedite your hotel bookings, but does not yet offer booking management. Our team is available to assist with changes and cancelations (fees may apply).
  • Some programs will trump Virtuoso – As you may know, we are fortunate enough to be able to work with many exclusive luxury hotel programs in addition to Virtuoso. While it’s rare, there are a few programs that we will recommend over Virtuoso. In these instances, we recommend you still request your trip through us to get the best value!
    • Four Seasons Preferred Partner – Higher VIP status and better breakfast amenity (includes room service)
    • Dorchester Diamond Club – Often receives upgrade at booking
    • Mandarin Oriental Fan Club – Credit amenity received is more flexible than the Virtuoso credit
    • Shangri-La Luxury Circle – Often receives upgrade at booking

When you need more than a simple hotel booking - please send your request our way! The Virtuoso booking tool is best for your normal, run-of-the-mill hotel stays. Please come to us for instances such as multi-room bookings, unique special requests, large resort bookings, and larger itineraries with multiple hotels. We'll review your request to ensure you receive the best possible value available.

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