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The Luxury Hotels of Indonesia are as diverse, beautiful, and breathtaking as the country itself with dramatic landscapes and a unique culture that draws travelers from all over the world. The country is heavily invested in tourism and, even at the high end of the spectrum, it can be hard to decide which of the luxury hotels of Indonesia are right for you. Through our partnerships, we have a wide range of hotels for our clients to choose from and are fortunate enough to have had team members do sight inspections at many of the hotels in Indonesia.

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To start, there are 16 Virtuoso hotels located throughout Indonesia, plus 17 additional luxury hotels that are affiliated with similar hotel luxury programs such as Belmond Bellini Club or Ritz-Carlton STARS. All of these luxury hotels can be discovered on six islands throughout Indonesia – Java, Bali, Komodo Island, Moyo Island, Sumba, and Bawah.

luxury hotels of Indonesia Borobudur

Let’s start with Java! Angela, our team member who most recently traveled to Bali, insists that any trip to Indonesia should start on the island of Java, which sandwiched between Sumatra and Bali. Home to the city of Jakarta in the northwestern part of the island, Java is the most populous islands in the world.

There is plenty to see and do in the city of Jakarta, but when we are thinking of Java for our clients, we are likely talking about Central Java and the famous Buddhist temple of Borobudur or its Hindu neighbor, Candi Prambanan. For our luxury travelers looking for cultural immersion mixed with pampering and R&R, Amanjiwo is the best place to stay. 

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Next stop for luxury hotels in Indonesia is everyone’s favorite – Bali! There are seemingly endless options on the island of Bali and with 23 to sift through, the task of finding the perfect one can seem a little daunting, which is where we are more than happy to step in and provide some consultation to guide your decision! Within Bali, you have the option to explore Ubud, Jimbaran Bay, Nusa Dua, and more!

We recommend, beginning your time in Bali in Ubud where you have the best opportunity to develop an understanding of the Balinese culture and geography.

Luxury Hotels of Indonesia | Ubud, Bali:

Luxury Hotels of Indonesia Ubud

We can help you pick the best hotel tailored to your budget and style, in addition to pairing your accommodation with activities such as exploring local markets, shopping and more! 

Craving the sea and sun? Stay in Bali and head to one of Bali’s many beach areas:

  • Nusa Dua = best beach for swimming: This area is very peaceful and exclusive while still boasting a good variety of dining/shopping options, but some people will complain that it feels less authentic or too generic for their tastes. Here, we recommend the St. Regis (contemporary in style, but the beach is fantastic) or the Ritz-Carlton (large in size, but very family oriented).
  • Jimbaran Bay = charming and quiet: nice wide beaches with calm water and charming villages. It is less crowded, but that also means there is less going on. You can travel 45 minutes to Seminyak or 30 minutes to Nusa Dua for more dining/nightlife, so this is a good central location if you want to explore multiple beaches during your stay. Here, we like the Four Seasons, which has 147 hillside villas and a great sense of place, but some people don’t like having to walk or take a buggy down to the beach. Our favorite “hidden gem” in Bali, especially when you are looking for the best value is the Belmond Jimbaran Puri, which has more convenient beach access and is more moderately priced and sized than the Four Seasons with only 63 villas.
  • Seminyak = lots to do: this beach is less swimmable and better for surfing, but the beach is nice and wide with lots to do including good beach clubs, dining, and shopping. Our preferred hotel in Seminyak is the Oberoi. For a more moderately priced option, you may also consider the W hotel.
  • Uluwatu = clifftop views: If beach isn’t important, look to Uluwatu for dramatic views perched above the sea on steep cliffs. While there is a narrow beach, it is not swimmable. The sunset views are totally worth it, though! At Uluwatu, we recommend the Bulgari Bali for a true 5-star pampering experience. Alternatively, we also like the Alila Uluwatu Villas.
  • Manggis = a little more off the beaten track: head northeast from the airport by about an hour and you will find a quiet region with traditional farming and fishing villages with local artists practicing the traditional arts of weaving, textile printing, and salt making. The black sand beaches are remote and exotic and a perfect place to go if you are looking for total privacy. Here, we like Amankila and we recommend adding a dose of adventure with a boating and snorkeling excursion. The Alila Manggis is a good, budget-friendly alternative. 

luxury hotels of Indonesia Bali Beaches

Next stop? Take your pick of three islands – Komodo Island, Moyo Island or Sumba. Or, charter a sail boat and see multiple islands in one itinerary!

The luxury hotels of Indonesia have a far reach and you can even be pampered on islands further afield with a greater sense of adventure. These islands are the perfect destination for divers and snorkeling and each island also offers exclusive, adventurous and one of a kind activities! 

 luxury hotels of Indonesia Amanwana

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