Destination Spotlight: The Islands of Hawaii

Islands of Hawaii

The five most visited islands of Hawaii feature a number of luxury hotels and unique sights and activities.

Each Island offers something a little different in terms of activities and hotels, so you’ll want to pick the right island depending on what you want to get out of your trip. If this is your first time to Hawaii, it is a good idea to design an itinerary that involves at least 2 islands, especially if you are coming from anything farther away than California. Let’s face it, for east coasters and Europeans, Hawaii is out there! The long flight combined with the time difference can really do a number on your itinerary – think many early mornings and even earlier bed times!

Islands of Hawaii - map

To understand the different islands, it helps to first look at weather patterns. Tradewinds come from the west and travel southeast along the island chain dropping less and less rain as it goes. So, Kauai is far more lush than the dry and harder landscape on the Big Island. The windward (northern) sides of each island also tends to get more rain than the leeward (southern) sides.

So, what do these islands have to offer? We’ve gathered all of our notes from past trips and tips from our partners to help you navigate the Islands of Hawaii – click through on the below links to discover more:

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