Honeymoon Planning With a Travel Advisor

Wedding planning is an extremely stressful time for engaged couples and that stress often causes honeymoon planning to take a backseat. Just like there are benefits to using a wedding planner, using a travel advisor to plan and book your honeymoon can alleviate some of the stress leading up to the big day.

It is often said that the wedding itself is not truly for the bride and groom, but rather for the people in their lives that want to celebrate them. The honeymoon on the other hand is only for the bride and groom, providing relaxation and reprieve from the stress building up to the big day. This is where the benefit of using a travel advisor comes into play. Knowing how special this trip is for newlyweds, we always encourage our honeymooners to off load the stress of planning their honeymoon and allow us to take on the planning process.

At Ourisman Travel we typically approach honeymoon planning through our Tailored Luxury program and always kick things off with a phone call to get a sense of the both the individual personalities and the couple’s personality. From there we work to design an itinerary that captures the things that are important to them with special touches throughout to reflect their identity as a newly married couple. From touchdown to takeoff we ensure a seamless experience for our honeymooners knowing that after the whirlwind of wedding planning it is a relief to have everything set up for you.

With more couples leaning away from vacations built around sitting on a beach for a week and focusing on more unique, personalized trips using a travel advisor has never been more crucial for couples planning their honeymoons. Travel advisors facilitate both sides of the honeymoon planning process; getting to know the couple and personalizing an itinerary to their personalities and working to make sure everything runs smoothly once the honeymoon finally happens. From narrowing down dream destinations, navigating budgets and finding experiences personal to both the bride and groom, a travel advisor is your best resource for planning the honeymoon of your dreams.

To learn more about how Team Ourisman tackles honeymoon planning, or to start planning your honeymoon email the team at team@ourismantravel.com or fill out our Travel Request Form!

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