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You’ll hear us speak about “being VIPed” or receiving “VIP status” when you book your trips with us, but what does that mean exactly?

Value Added, Exclusive Amenities

Our affiliation with Brownell and Virtuoso provides you with access to exclusive value-added amenities for your hotel stays. These amenities vary per hotel and program, and will be communicated to you at the time of booking. For each hotel, we identify the best program to book; whether Virtuoso or another program, we’ll ensure you receive the best value and VIP status through our valuable relationships with the hotels we book. Benefits include amenities such as complimentary breakfast, early check in/late check out (subject to availability), upgrades at booking or upon check in (subject to availability), and often resort, spa, or food & beverage credits per stay.

There are a few frequently asked questions we receive in regard to amenity programs, which will be helpful for you to know to expedite and enhance your hotel bookings:

Can I see rates online? Virtuoso hotel amenities can, in fact, be viewed online! You’re welcome to identify the hotel and amenities you want prior to coming to us with your inquiry in order to expedite your booking.

Will I still receive points if I book through you? Hotel reward programs will still apply when you book with us (Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriot Rewards, etc.). You are able to earn points on stays with us, and your program status will apply to these stays. We do not assist with bookings made with reward points. However, be sure to let us know if you plan to book a night or two on points; we’re often able to book additional nights to assist you in getting VIP benefits for the paid nights. * Policies defined by the hotel reward programs per hotel will still apply.

Do you provide special rates? Amenity programs will apply to the Best Available Rates published to the public hotel websites. Instead of focusing on discounted rates, we focus on providing you with the best value for your stay – the biggest bang for your buck, if you will.

I saw a promotion on the hotel website, can you book this with amenities? Discounted rates, promotions, and packages may sometimes combine with amenity programs, but this is entirely on a case-by-case basis. By default, we will provide you with the best rate that includes amenities. If you see a specific promotion or package that you’re interested in, let us know and we can work with the hotel to see if this option is available with amenities. We’ll then walk you through your best options in terms of rate, amenities, and booking policies so that you can be confident you are booking the best value option for your hotel stay.

Can we change the amenities offered? Amenity programs are not negotiable. The amenities outlined per program are pre-defined by the hotels and we are unable to substitute one amenity for a different benefit. That said, you can be confident that we will communicate your preferences to our partners and work with the hotels to provide you with the best experience and most enhanced benefits available.

Personal Pre-Arrival Connection with the Hotel

Do you have a food allergy? Prefer down pillows? Are you traveling with your infant and need an empty fridge and high chair in your room? Maybe your young daughter or son will require a nap as soon as you arrive, and you’ll need the sofa bed prepared for them before you get to the hotel. These are just a few examples of requirements and preferences that you may need communicated with the hotel, and we all know that you don’t want to deal with these details at check in. You should be able to start enjoying your vacation even before you check-in to the hotel!

For any trip you book with Ourisman Travel, before you travel we reach out to the hotels and vendors directly to communicate all of your booking details, requirements, and preferences with the hotels. This conversation occurs 2 weeks prior to your travel so that we have time to communicate these details to the hotel and they have time to prepare everything prior to your arrival. This is one of the many reasons we recommend booking your travel well in advance.

Concierge Support

While we understand our Tailored Luxury service may not be what you need for every trip, we also know that you’ll likely need a simple airport arrival transfer, or want to book dining or spa appointments in advance to avoid availability issues. All you have to do is ask!

When you express interest in arranging activities prior to your arrival, we will put you in touch directly with the hotel concierge to assist you. Our introductory email will include all details you’ve communicate with us thus far, so that the hotel has all details at hand to be able to jump right into making the arrangements. You’ll be copied on the introduction so that you can respond directly with any questions or additional details. And in turn, if you keep us copied on the correspondence we will remain active in the process to continue gathering your trip details, re-iterate these details to the hotel prior to your arrival, and we will remain in the loop so that we can jump in to assist if we’re needed!

Confidence in Our Relationships with Our Preferred Vendors

As a client of Ourisman Travel, you can feel confident that our name and reputation is working behind the scenes for you. We value our relationships with our preferred vendors very much, and we know they feel the same towards us! They understand that your comfort is our primary focus, and we depend on them to execute your stay perfectly so that you can be sure to have the trip of a lifetime, every time.

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