Team Ourisman

We are a boutique, family-owned and operated travel consultancy affiliated with Brownell Travel (the oldest travel agency in the US) and Virtuoso, a network of thousands of luxury hotels and tour companies that offer priority VIP services and consideration to our clients. We prefer the title "travel advisor" over "travel agent" because we strive to provide personalized, curated experiences for our clients. Visit our team page to meet the wonderful team planning your dream vacation!

You Book, We VIP!

When you check in, you’re a VIP with the hotel simply because you’ve booked with Ourisman Travel. Now, you can get the instant gratification from booking online and you’ll be an instant VIP. This tool gives you access to Virtuoso amenities with the click of a button on your time. The Virtuoso Booking Tool gives you the ease and convenience of online booking – plus the value, amenities, and VIP treatment we know you love.

Ready to Plan Your Dream Vacation?

We're happy to assist you in planning all of your trips, whether large or small. If you haven't decided the details of your trip yet, visit our resources to learn more about your preferred destination and hotels in the area. If you are ready to start planning, you can submit your travel request form here. A member of our team will reach out shortly to discuss the details of your trip. We can't wait to get started planning with you!

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