Wow! Dumatau

Of all of the safari camps that I saw on my recent trip to Africa (28 in total!), Dumatau made the biggest impression. This newly rebuilt camp from Wilderness Safaris is based in the Linyanti Reserve on the northern border of Botswana and Namibia and has a serious Wow-factor as soon as you arrive. Just look at this view!

Dumatau, a Wilderness Safaris Classic Camp in Botswana

See more pictures on my Flickr page.

The Wilderness Safaris staff at the Linyanti Reserve is one of the best that I’ve encountered on safari. They were professional, attentive, creative, and more than happy to be a part of our adventure. Dumatau is classified (and priced) as a Classic camp, but its facilities and staff make it more comparable to a Premier camp. This translates into great value for our clients! This camp also has a family room and is a great option for a safari with kids (we recommend ages 9 and up).

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