A Wealth of Treasures in Madrid

Madrid: Destination Report

Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant and seductive cities. A city that takes unabashed pleasure in its past traditions, it is proud to display a wealth of cultural treasures and architectural glories.

Our partners at Madrid & Beyond help us design highly personalized and exclusive experiences in Madrid (and Beyond!). We have developed a list of some of our favorite experiences for cultural immersion in Madrid:

An Insider Tapas Tour: In a nutshell, tapas in Madrid means tradition, and this includes the atmosphere, not just the food. In charming small bars in the heart of Madrid’s charismatic old Austria’s area, sample hearty food in manageable portions, helped down with some pleasingly potent wines, and amidst the joyous hullabaloo of the welcoming Madrileños. The variety is extensive, encompassing varied meats and offal, fish and seafood (the capital offers some of Spain’s best seafood), and the obligatory Spanish potato omelette. Who better than a local resident to show you the ropes into the world of Spanish food? Our accompanied tapas tours will invite you to immerse yourself in the simple joys of Spanish cuisine in a welcoming, informal, and authentically social setting.

Private Tour of the Prado: Even if you’ve been to the Prado before, a private tour gives you an opportunity to curate your museum visit to your interests and gain unique access and expert guidance to one of the world’s greatest collection of paintings.

Attend a Bull fighting with an expert: If you seek the best possible bullfighting experience, then let us arrange for Tom Kallene, our friend and collaborator, to host you for the afternoon and evening. Not only will he open doors that remain closed to others, he will make the whole bullfighting experience – leading up to, during and after the Corrida – a wonderful lifetime memory for you.

Madrid - Cooking ClassPrivate Cooking Class: Visit the fabulous kitchen of Gabriela Llamas located just around the corner from the Royal Palace and neighbor to her family kitchenware store, Alambique. It’s such an inviting space where you’ll instantly be made to feel very much at home. Gabriela can prepare all sorts of delicious dishes but she likes to focus on dishes from central Spain and prefers to use homegrown ingredients which she mostly grows in her own orchard in the country. Every class pays homage to classic Spanish ingredients in some shape or form, such as the Iberian ham or the ‘liquid gold’ … extra virgin olive oil. Her choice of wines is always spot on too! The conversation with Gabriela will undoubtedly be as interesting as her recipes and approach to cooking. Indeed, a day with Gabriela isn’t just about Spanish cuisine; it’s a foray to the very heart of what it means to be Spanish. Buen provecho and enjoy!

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Luxury Hotels of Madrid:

The Virtuoso portfolio features 4 hotels in Madrid, which you can see on our Map of our Preferred Hotels in Madrid. Madrid & Beyond is also an excellent resource when we need an extended network of quality hotels.Madrid - Villa Magna

Villa Magna, Madrid

The Villa Magna is located in the business district and Salamanca area of Madrid. The hotel is near many wonderful restaurants and a fantastic high-end, shopping area. The Villa Magna is much more traditional in design, yet the art-deco Magnum Bar is a boisterous spot with both locals and tourist. The front of the hotel is a bit cold, but the inside is beautiful and elegant. The rooms have recently been updated and the entry-level rooms are the biggest entry-level rooms in Madrid. Our favorite feature is the large and vibrant outdoor patio and interior courtyard.

Gran Melia

Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques, Madrid

Melia is a Spanish hotel brand with Gran Melia being their highest-level hotel. This hotel is located in the Hapsburg-Madrid area near the Museum Triangle. It has recently undergone a renovation and now has a contemporary feel. The top floor has a small, rooftop pool and lounge chairs. The Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques is one of the only luxury hotels in Madrid that offers a pool. The hotel is dedicated to Spanish artist, Diego Velázques. There are copies of his famous paintings throughout the hotel.

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