Pro-Tip Blog: Wanderlist, Travel Inspiration By Virtuoso

Virtuoso created Wanderlist to act as a place for avid luxury travelers to browse and collect the experiences that stood out to them in neatly compiled lists based on destinations that inspire them. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this tool has become a great source of travel inspiration while travelers wait for the world to reopen. With the ability to share what inspires you with friends and family, Wanderlist has enabled the connection that motivates travel to stay alive. Check out our take on the Wanderlist tool and how you can use it to catalog your travel inspiration for future travel and connect with your loved ones in the process!

First things first, to get started you will need to create a Wanderlist account. This account is separate from the Virtuoso account you may use to book hotel stays or browse amenities on offer through the network. Once you create a log in, you will be prompted with the question
“What do you want to experience”.

The choices range from culture, food & wine, wellness etc and you may select as many as you want. From there you will reach your profile page, which will list your interests and David Ourisman as your travel advisor. This will link your Wanderlist to Ourisman Travel and allow for you to share your inspiration with us!

At the top right of the Profile home screen, you will find a red button “+New List”. To get started, simply click on this button. You will then be taken to a page asking you “Which country would you like to visit”. The world is your oyster!

The map on this screen is interactive and you will be able to move over the globe as you weigh your options for your first wanderlist. Once you land on a destination, you can either leave the list title as the country you are visiting or name it after the special occasion or reason you are traveling.

Once you name your list, you will be directed to a page highlighting the experiences that you can arrange in partnership with Virtuoso and Ourisman Travel in the country you chose. These experiences will be tailored to the interests you previously selected when you set up your profile. This page also highlights the hotels within the Virtuoso network that you can book for your trip. Even cruise itineraries are featured on this page!

As you browse through the various experiences, hotels, and cruises that interest you, tap the heart to save them to your wanderlist for browsing. A great feature of Wanderlist is the ability to invite friends and family to view and add their own interests to lists. This is great when planning all kinds of trips, from honeymoons to family vacations to girls’ trips! This allows for quick and easy collaboration, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Our favorite thing about Wanderlist is the ability to dream about travel using an interactive tool that can be shared with your friends and family. Connection will always be a motivator behind travel and getting to establish that connection when a trip is merely in the dream stages only makes it that more special when you do travel. The tool’s collaborative element lends itself to conversations about travel that goes beyond what hotel you will stay at or what flights make the most sense. Wanderlist facilitates deep conversations about what you will do when you get there, what has always been on your bucket lists and why and, perhaps most importantly, how much fun you will have when you get there.

To learn more about how Wanderlist works, how Team Ourisman has used Wanderlist for our own travel inspiration, or how we can help turn your Wanderlists into a reality please reach out to us at or submit a Travel Request Form.

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