Villas & Private Homes: How Ourisman Travel Can Help

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many travelers have shifted focus from sprawling resorts and are turning to private villas and home rentals for their vacations. Naturally, when one first considers renting out a private home for a trip their first thought is to hop on Airbnb or VBRO to see what is available over their dates in destinations that excite them. However, just like how kicking off trip planning with a Google search can be overwhelming and discouraging, the same stressful experience can come from looking for a legitimate rental on Airbnb or VRBO. Private home & villa rentals are great, but how do you know what you are seeing is what you will be getting? We’ve all heard the horror stories about misleading photos, inflexible booking policies, disruptive neighbors, or unsafe areas – the list goes on and on! Surely there must be another way to find a reputable villa or home for your vacation?

That’s where Ourisman Travel comes in! As the industry has adapted to better accommodate travel demands in the wake of the pandemic, so has Team Ourisman. We have worked hard exploring what luxury villa and private home partners we have available to our clients and are proud to say that just like our hotel network, our networks for villas and private homes are expansive, with a strong global presence and representing the best of the best! Better yet, our partners are thoroughly vetted by our host agency, ensuring that their product is luxurious, their service is high-end, and that you will indeed get what you pay for. Our team has spent time over the past year learning how to work with these partners and we are excited to bring our clients a wealth of villa and private home options for future trips!

So what does our process look like when a client requests a private home or villa booking? We approach villa and private home requests through our consultative Hotel Plus service. Oftentimes, because villa and private home requests involve more detail than a straightforward hotel booking, we will schedule a phone call with you to discuss your trip and get a sense of what your needs are for the villa and what type of villa or private home would best suit those needs. We will talk through your budget, destinations you are considering, the size of your group or family, and get a sense of your “must-haves” in addition to your “wish list” items for the villa or private homes. One of the unique aspects of a private home or villa rentals is that they are outfitted with amenities that hotels and resorts simply do not have! Ranging from docks with boats, jet skis and other water toys to gourmet kitchens, pools with slides and some of the most amazing bathrooms in the world, the possibilities for over-the-top amenities in some of these villas and private homes are truly endless. Through our consultative process, we will be able to source options for you to choose from, eliminating your need to sift through hundreds of options yourself. Plus, every option will be hand-picked for you and thoroughly vetted by our partners, ensuring the only surprises upon arrival are welcome ones.

Through our Hotel Plus service for villas and private homes, we are able to assist with some concierge requests such as airport transfers, private chef arrangements, and other onsite touches. If you are looking for a more detailed approach to your itinerary, we can elevate your trip through our Tailored Luxury service and arrange for activities like private yacht rentals, exclusive private tours, and much more. The beauty of a private villa or home rental lies in the possibility of complete customization!

If booking a private villa or home is something you have considered in the past but were not quite sure about pursuing, or if it is something that you’ve only recently thought about, reach out to us at Ourisman Travel to learn how our global partnerships and planning expertise can help you find the perfect property! Our partners know their portfolios inside and out, with many of them working exclusively with advisors to ensure the privacy of the villa or home and the limited access many of the owners demand. Submit a Travel Request Form or reach out to the team via email at to get started!

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