Travel Trend: California Road Trips

Driving the PCH (Pacific Coastal Highway) has been a popular vacation idea for decades, and it is no secret that this is one of the most scenic roads in the country. Couples have been hopping into convertibles destined for Romantic getaways on the beach and families pile into minivans headed to the parks and preserves and oceanside resorts.

This year, the iconic west coast drive seems to be on the collective travelers’ minds, especially international travelers heading to the US for their summer holiday. Lately, I’ve booked trips with itineraries that include Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Francisco, Napa Valley and even Las Vegas and Palm Springs … All of them driving and all of them adding a personalized spin on the vintage summer vacation.

I completely understand the draw and the romance of the idea! Feeling the pull of a California road-trip? Consider these great hotels for your “pit-stops” along the way:

See all of the Virtuoso hotels in Southern California and San Francisco and Northern California.

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