Pro-Tips for the BEST Travel Planning Experience

In our years of planning trips of all sizes to all destinations around the globe, we’ve had projects that were a perfect dream to work with and others that inched too close to nightmare status. We’ve gained some valuable intuition about how to create the best travel planning experiences!

Travel planning should be as fun as the trip itself! Our job is to make sure you get to have all the fun with as little stress and hassle as possible so we put together some of our insights and tips on how to make sure you can actually enjoy the travel planning experience!

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Honesty is the best policy. Know who you are and what you want. While stepping outside of your comfort zone can create a lasting experience, sometimes we just want to relax and take in the moment. A healthy dose of self-awareness is always useful when translating your travel dreams to reality and finding balance with the wants/needs of your traveling companions.

Take our travel personality quiz to discover your individual approach to discovering the world and help us better understand how we can elevate your next trip.

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Setting dreams into action takes times and effort. For a truly personalized travel experience, we recommend beginning your planning 10-12 months in advance. You don’t need to know all of the little details then, but you should tell us what’s next on your radar so we can start to think about the big picture and map out the itinerary framework. We can develop a plan to help you achieve your travel goals with enough time to adjust around any destination or seasonal challenges. The more time you allow for planning, the fewer compromises you will need to make as the itinerary comes together.

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Think ahead to the first time you are out with friends or at a cocktail party after returning home from this trip. What travel stories do you want to be able to share? What needs to happen on this trip for you to declare, “best trip ever!” Read our blog post for more on how to Elevate your travel experiences.


Our itinerary design process always begins with a Discover conversation. This is our opportunity to get to know you and your travel style. You don’t even need to know where you want to go yet – let us help you figure it out! Everything we learn during this phone call will be applied to the itinerary design process allowing the end result to be tailor-made just for you! It is step one in elevating your trip and allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the travel planning process as much as you will enjoy the trip itself!


Tell us if you have multiple destinations on your travel bucket list and we can help you strategize so you know which destinations you should visit when, which destinations combine well together, and how to plan an annual travel budget. If you’re feeling ambitious, we can help create a 5 or 10-year travel plan for you!

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If you have kids, we want to help you make the most of those school-age years – that’s 12 spring breaks and summer trips that can easily get away from you if you don’t plan ahead! Though, traveling with adult children can sometimes be even more rewarding and enjoyable! Give yourself a gift by thinking strategically about which destinations you want to share with your children during each of their formidable years.


We’re here to help show you the world! Let us know where you want to go; we’re ready to dive in!

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