Are You Covered: When Travel Insurance is a Good Idea

Well versed travelers know that when it comes to taking a trip, anything can happen. From extreme weather to delayed or canceled flights to illness and everything in between, there’s always something that can negatively impact your leisure time. There are a few instances when purchasing travel insurance makes sense to protect your investment in your leisure time.

We always advise our clients who are purchasing an advance purchase, nonrefundable rate to consider travel insurance. These rates are the least forgiving and if they need to be canceled for any reason the investment into the trip is lost. We also encourage our clients to purchase travel insurance when booking a hotel stay or a trip with an extended cancelation policy, which we consider to be anything longer than 30 days. These policies are oftentimes introduced during a hotel’s peak season, or if you are traveling during festive season. Once a stay or trip falls within cancellation either a deposit or full payment will be forfeited in the event of a cancellation and often times cannot be transferred or recuperated.

Our travel insurance partner, Travelex, offers comprehensive travel insurance, is a trusted partner in the industry, and offers our clients the ability to quote and book their own insurance! We suggest the Travelex Select plan for our clients because it offers a higher level of coverage and includes travelers under the age of 17 – making them free on the policy purchased. The Travelex Select plan also offers a Cancel For Any Reason Add On. The Cancel For Any Reason Add On is a much more flexible plan and holds to its “any reason” commitment really well, though it does have some limitations and only covers 75% of the cost of the trip (for Florida residents is 50%) but many clients have found that the benefit is worth the investment. For more information on how you can take advantage of Cancel for Any Reason insurance with Travelex, reach out to the team at

Life can be unpredictable –  which is why we travel. Unfortunately, it can also be why we don’t travel and when those situations come up it is always great to have travel insurance to fall back on. For more information on travel insurance and how Ourisman Travel can assist you with purchasing insurance to cover your travel contact us at or fill out a Travel Request Form.

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