Tasmania Destination Report

Tasmania is stunningly beautiful! It is not commonly found on an itinerary for a first-time visit to Australia, but I am so glad I chose to include it in my trip plans. After two nights in Hobart and a site-inspection at Saffire, Josh and I spent 3-nights at Cradle Mountain Lodge exploring and hiking in the National park. This was a perfect blend of beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and wildlife.

Click the images for for in-depth reports from each stop on our itinerary:

1) Exploring Hobart, Tasmania:

A new boutique hotel with lots of personality, a weekend market, and whiskey tasting!Tasmania - Exploring Hobart

2) Site-Inspection at Saffire:

If only we had enough time to stay! Freycinet is stunning and this hotel deserves more than an afternoon to fully enjoy it:Tasmania - Saffire Freycinet

3) Hiking and Wildlife at Cradle Mountain:

Here, your VIP arrival greeter is a wombat! Tasmania - Cradle Mountain

Bonus wombat video!

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