Meet the Wanderer – Charlotte Nagey

When it comes to travel, Charlotte likes to live without an agenda – it’s all about spontaneity and adventure, taking the path less taken, and discovering parts of the world that are so rare to find. “I also like to get a map and do what Joey from “Friends” would do-stand in the map and just roll from there. Give me a backpack, a map and a good travel companion and I’ll be set to have the most unforgettable trip! Who needs a plan when the world is waiting and full of adventure, stories and excitement.”

“I like to spread my wings and see what adventures I can find on my own without a plan in mind.”

Because of her spontaneous nature, Charlotte’s preparation before traveling encompasses gathering the bare bones of travel plans so that she has wiggle room to explore. This includes researching, either on Google or, surprisingly, Instagram. In scrolling through pictures of destinations, this helps her to get an idea of what to do while on a trip that may spark adventure or inspire dinner plans. Additionally, once the trip is booked, she locks down a game plan for travel connections, checks the weather, and explores alternate options if changes occur. “I think I’m always the most excited to get to my destination, to step off the plane or train and start to feel settled. It’s the planning beforehand and the physical travel that seems to stress me out – probably because I’m always so excited to get the trip started and am THAT person asking ‘ARE WE THERE YET?’”

Regardless of where she travels, Charlotte always packs a pair of gym shoes and some workout gear. No matter the destination, she enjoys going on morning runs through the area because, not only is it he preferred form of exercise, but it also a method for her to get a better view of the town. It also helps her to settle in and discover places that could be missed when driving or walking the main paths.

“I prefer not to rent a car when on vacation. It’s so much more fun walking from one place to the next or riding a bike.”

She finds that her most memorable trips happen as a result of her being able to “live like a local.” “I don’t like to sit still, so I spend my time exploring and discovering sites off the beaten path. Hiking, good wine and new cool food illustrates the ideal way to spend a vacation.”  When Charlotte has the space and time to get to know the region, city, town, or area and can fully immerse herself in the culture. She wants to be a part of it all, and what better way to do that then by experiencing the day to day lifestyle of the people who live there every day? In her view, “You only have so much time on vacation, so why not stray from the tourist trends?” In fact, her favorite travel memory was when she and her fiancé rented a car and drove down the coast of California, stopping whenever they saw views that caught their eye, or noticed a spot that might make for a good nature hike.

Charlotte plans to travel to Eastern Europe next, for her honeymoon. She and her fiancé plan to backpack across Eastern Europe, starting in Croatia to visit the National Parks and take the Game of Thrones tour.

“Open your eyes to the world around you. It’s beautiful! We get too caught up in life sometimes and forget to awe at the beauty the world has to offer.”

Final advice from this Wanderer? “Don’t chain yourself to an itinerary. Things happen that may lead you to want to make changes. Do the tourist things you want to do, but be sure to get lost and be spontaneous, we don’t get the chance to do that often.”

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