Meet The Wanderer – Ansley Davis

Whether it’s a planned vacation or a last minute trip just outside her city, Ansley is always looking forward to venturing to new places and experiencing new things. She’s accustomed to and confident in traveling alone, and finds joy in maneuvering her way around new cities, making new friends, and fully immersing herself in other cultures/customs.

For Ansley, the most exciting and intriguing part of travel is simply to escape the ordinary, day-to-day routine. She admits, “I fall into work mode and let the social and fun parts of life slip through the cracks all too often, so when I take time to travel, I have the space to slow down, value my surroundings and experiences, soak in the world’s beauty, and focus on being present.”

Ansley enjoying Florence with her mother

The most memorable aspects of every trip happen when Ansley steps outside of her comfort zone. Whether it’s trying popular foods from a specific area, befriending a local and letting them guide an experience, or seizing the opportunity to do what she loves in a new setting, exploring and truly seeing the world is what draws her to travel. ”I am a ball of energy – so I’m always on the go! On recent trips, I have filled my time with activities like yoga classes, dance classes, hiking, and cooking classes, but I also like to walk around and see all the small, less obvious traits that make a particular place unique and special.” Even at home in Chicago, Ansley often fills her free time hopping on the train and heading out to explore a new neighborhood to walk around and explore. “I love to feel like a tourist in my own city!” she says.

Ansley showing off some moves in a canyon

Ansley, like many Wanderers, tends to find herself packing the night before a trip. Though that doesn’t mean that she leaves home completely unprepared. Ansley likes to do some research before traveling to educate herself on cultural customs, local hot spots & to get a general lay of the land. Ansley’s mantra while traveling is “how can I challenge myself today” & she strives to experience new things wherever she goes. Aside from the usual travel essentials, you’ll never catch Ansley without her travel yoga mat, affirmation cards (The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein), and quality headphones!

As a Wanderer, it’s difficult for Ansley to pinpoint a specific place she wants to travel to next. For her, it’s less about location and more about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. “Any vacation where I can spend part of my time in a city, while also having access to the outdoors, is the ideal place for me. I like to have the balance of fun and fast-paced life that metropolitan areas have to offer, but also be able to relax and thrive in the outdoors. Being on the water is a plus, always!” However, if she had to narrow it down to a top three for her destination bucket list — Thailand, New Zealand, and South Africa are at the top!

No trip is complete without a little shopping!

Tips for a Wanderer from a Wanderer? – “TRY IT! Even if you’re hesitant. You never know what’s through that door!”

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