Meet the Voyager – Victoria Delle Grotti

When it comes to travel, Victoria loves seizing every opportunity that comes with exploring new cities and countries. Whether it’s a trip to a local city or a jump across the pond, she loves delving into destination hot spots while also leaving room to explore on her own.

Victoria finds excitement when experiencing new places but also loves to take the time to unwind and have downtime. “I love to take time to make sure I am experiencing all that the destination has to offer but also leave room in for full relaxation all while making memories.” She loves to speak with locals and get their thoughts on places to see and where to eat. “It’s an amazing experience living and experiencing a destination like a local would, you get to see and do things you never thought you would have! As a voyager, you make the most out of what vacations have to offer and that’s how I feel I travel. Packing in a ton of BIG fun but also getting in BIG relaxation!”

Because of her voyager spirit, Victoria’s preparation before traveling starts with a detailed list of what to pack. This is typically started a couple of weeks in advance and then added to as the trip gets closer. “I would also leave an extensive list for what needs to go on while I am away (I love a good list!)”

You can bet Victoria is well prepared for any trip that she takes voyage on! Some must-have items on her packing list included comfy (but cute) pair of shoes to explore all that she can. As well as a phone to capture all the photos she can to keep the memories of her trips alive! Memories are what get Victoria most excited about when it comes to traveling.” I get most excited about the new experiences and memories I am going to make while on the trip. The excitement that all the planning is done and I get to now enjoy!”

She finds her most memorable trip so far has been her honeymoon to Antigua! But not because it was her honeymoon! Victoria says, “a part of travel is experiencing new things with family and friends. And being on vacation with my husband and seeing the trip through his eyes for the first time, as well, was a memorable moment.”

Victoria’s dream vacation style really runs the spectrum from relaxing on an island to exploring a new city. “My dream vacation is any place new that I explore and make new memories.” But for now, she is landlocked for the most part with a 2-year-old at home. But she would love to experience Savanah, Georgia or any little southern town. Her top bucket list destinations include Amalfi Coast, Napa Valley, CA, and Lisbon.

Final advice from this Voyager? “Have a good balance of spots to visit & places to see but also mix in a good bit of relaxation! Take a tour in the morning and then spend the afternoon by the pool with a drink in hand!”

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