Meet the Wanderer – Iana Yegoiants Drennan

The Wanderer

Not all who wander are lost, a motto that Iana likes to live by.  Iana really enjoys waking up in a new place with nothing scheduled and plenty of opportunities to explore. Spontaneity and the freedom to wander are incredibly important to her.

The Wanderer, Iana Yegoiants

“While traveling I like to escape the time frames of the real world and just be”

As a wanderer Iana really enjoys unstructured time. “The ability to be spontaneous is really important to me” she says. While on vacation she likes to escape the time frames and schedules of the real world and take each day as it comes. “Maybe I’ll wake up wanting to check out a museum or explore the area or maybe I’ll just want to lounge by the pool”.

Before going on a trip Iana likes to familiarize herself with her flight itinerary. Since organization isn’t her strongest suit, she prints off her itinerary so she can look it over a few times and allow herself to get comfortable with how long she has to get from one connection to another or what time she needs to be at the airport.

The Wanderer, traveling like a local

Iana, her sisters and father wandering Red Square in Moscow.

Iana really enjoys experiencing a place like a local and loves nothing more than finding a local joint to grab a cocktail and a bite to eat. This suits her wanderer sensibilities as her favorite finds while traveling have often been the holes in the wall that she stumbles upon, rather than planning out in advance.

Bucket list travel destinations for Iana: Turkey and Greece top her list, but are followed closely by Costa Rica and Patagonia.

Advice for Wanderers from a Wanderer: “Be sure to at least provide a little structure. It is really nice to have an introduction tour on your first day in a new place, just so you have a little insider information before you go out on your own. It’s fun to be spontaneous, but it is not fun spending an entire day getting lost.”

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The Wanderer

Iana and Jessica catching a game at Camden Yard

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