Meet the Wanderer – Angela Valenti

While in her professional life Angela would describe herself as a truly detail oriented, she loves that travel provides the opportunity to be completely spontaneous.

“I always love when an opportunity presents itself last minute”

The wanderer in Angela enjoys taking a little like for herself, away from her travel companions. “For me, it’s all about the simple pleasures and a little bit of ‘me’ time” says Angela. She most often finds this time alongside her morning coffee, lounging by the pool and waiting for everyone else to wake up. These quiet moments allow her to reflect on her time away from it all and get ready for a day brimming with possibilities.

Angela enjoys experiencing everything a new place has to offer

Angela keeps structure in the itinerary planning phase so she won’t have to be structured and can give herself the freedom and comfort to be a wanderer while enjoying the destination. Before Angela leaves the organizer behind and heads out to see the world, she always makes a to do list. Checking off every item gets her a step closer to the most anticipated part of her trips, the airport. “Arriving at the airport gives me such an adrenaline rush; the feelings are equivalent to a child’s excitement on Christmas morning!”

For Angela, relaxation is a top priority for every vacation. She loves spending her mornings watching the sunrise before indulging in her wanderer ways and venturing out for the day. For an adrenaline rush, she always tries to hop on a jet ski while she is on vacation, although she admits that she is a little too cautious to just let it rip while riding the waves.

“I’m the go-to girl for any dream getaway!”

Bucket list destinations for Angela: Kenya, Seychelles and Chile!

Advice for the Wanderers from a Wanderer: “Find pleasure in the small things and embrace new opportunities. Flash a smile to a local or lend a hand to a stranger along the way. Be smart and be happy!”

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