Meet The Voyager – Jessica Ourisman

The Voyager finds balance between predictability and happenstance and likes to be pampered at every step in the itinerary!

Jessica Ourisman embodies the essence of The Voyager. Finding delight in detail and luxury, she loves to travel in the highest style. No trip is too extravagant or grand for her! Whether she is sipping cocktails in the Venice Simplon bar car or relaxing in a private plunge pool at Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Jessica is happy so long as she feels pampered.

Jessica knows how to travel like a Voyager

“One of my favorite memories was watching a leopard throw a tantrum after failing to make a kill in South Africa.”

When traveling, there are a few must haves that she and her fellow voyagers find crucial; the first being a private transfer from the airport to her hotel. Eliminating the hassle of having to find a taxi and stress about finding the hotel in a timely manner allows her to immediately relax as soon as her bags are pulled off the turnstile. The second is an orientation tour on the arrival day. For Jessica, travel is all about “striking a balance between predictability and happenstance” and ensuring that she has a feel for her surroundings allows her to let go and embrace the unexpected.

For Jessica, spending time enjoying things she misses out on while at home is an important part of any vacation. Like most workaholics, she spends most of her days cooped up in her office. While on vacation getting outdoors and breathing fresh new air is a definite highlight.

Jessica before boarding the ultra luxe Orient Express Venice Simplon.

Jessica before boarding the ultra luxe Venice Simplon.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Jessica enjoys both fine dining and local restaurants and tries to incorporate both options into every trip she takes. “ I often remember meals before I remember trips” she says unabashedly. Ever the planner, she prepares for a trip by pouring over various menus and restaurant reviews, punctuating her days with delicious treats. As The Voyager is prone to do, she saves the best for last. Leaving a trip with a “wow” moment like an unforgettable dinner followed by a night lounging in the lap of luxury is a mark of a true voyager.

Bucket list travel destinations for Jessica? She will be touring Oaxaca in Mexico, which she says is a huge dream come true. She is also dying to go to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, where she can unwind, eat and drink in paradise!

Advice for Voyagers from a Voyager: “A trip for a Voyager does not always have to come with a hefty price tag. If you are a Voyager, don’t hold yourself back just because you think you can’t afford what you really want. There are always creative ways to make a trip feel epic at any price point!”

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"I'm a sucker for big, grand trips and I love to travel in style and feel pampered!"

“I’m a sucker for big, grand trips and I love to travel in style and feel pampered!”

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