Meet the Voyager – Alex Woche

The Voyager is a “go big or go home” type of traveler.

As a voyager, Alex’s vacations led to her spontaneously moving to the locations she fell in love with more than once. A Christmas vacation to Sydney, Australia turned into one year there as an au pair and a study abroad trip to London led to her moving back to earn her Master’s degree a year later. When she travels, Alex tries to stay as long as possible so that she can foster genuine connections and make the most of the local scenery and experiences.

Interlaken, Switzerland

“Growing up, I often received advice from my mentors to take advantage of the freedom being younger gives you. Because of that advice, I started this ongoing joke with myself that my 20s are for me. I intentionally made decisions that allowed me to live in foreign places and generate lasting international friendships.”

Alex sees travel as a way to reset. Although she keeps a busy schedule when she travels, she feels more relaxed simply by being in a new environment. She loves switching between downtime and epic excursions such as ziplining, kayaking, or gondola rides. “I have an irrational fear of heights but I don’t let it come between me and seeing the best view of the town I’m staying in.”

View from her lodging in Santorini, Greece

It’s all about making the most out of vacations for Alex. “I would much rather travel less and take full advantage of what a city has to offer than go on smaller trips every weekend.” 

“Being able to see new parts of the world is the most grounded I’ve ever felt. Traveling offers me a calm reminder that I am connected to something so much bigger than I feel at home”.

A morning routine on vacation looks like a cup of coffee with a view, a list of gratitudes, and quiet meditation in nature. Then, she loves to fill the rest of the day by seeing as many sights as possible.

A gloomy bus ride in London

To prepare for a trip, Alex selects the top 3 things she wants to see and leaves her itinerary open for the rest of the trip. “My day-to-day life is very structured and I use travel as a way to unwind and let each day unfold spontaneously. For me, this ensures I stay in the present moment and can say yes to new opportunities.” Some packing travel essentials include soundproof headphones, Netflix movies downloaded for the plane ride, workout clothes, and a few books.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Her favorite travel memories all incorporate nature. From visiting the Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary in Colorado to whale watching in Northern California, Alex always prioritizes an opportunity to observe native wildlife. “I grew up surrounded by rescue dogs and my love for animals has only expanded since traveling.” 

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Sanctuary

Words of wisdom from a voyager: make the most of each day! Don’t return from a trip with any regrets about what you didn’t do or who you didn’t meet. 

Next on the bucket list for Alex is the Maldives, a safari trip in Africa and the coast of Italy.

To see if you’re a fellow voyager, take the personality quiz here!

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