Meet the Adventurer – Rebecca Kelly

The Adventurer

Rebecca is the quintessential Adventurer. She finds it truly exhilarating how big the world really is and how much there is to see and experience. Though she may be a bit of a homebody when she isn’t traveling, vacation provides her with the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and take it all in!

"I'm a sucker for nature!"

“I’m a sucker for nature!”

A completely devoted mommy to her pack of “fur babies”, Rebecca finds that preparing for a trip is often revolved around preparing for her absence. When traveling Rebecca tends to take the back seat, allowing others to guide the trip along its course. To her, this allows her to “get a unique perspective on a new location through the eyes of another”. Like a true Adventurer, Rebecca enjoys partaking in new, fun activities.

While at home, Rebecca spends her weekends in her yard and caring for her beloved pets. While on vacation she is also most happy spending her time outside. “I’m a sucker for nature and will always drift towards traveling to areas of the world that allow you to experience untouched wilderness” says Rebecca.

One of Rebecca's babies, Niamha watching her pack

One of Rebecca’s babies, Niamha watching her pack

Like any Adventurer Rebecca finds that she is fulfilled by a vacation where she can venture out and see what a place has to offer. Experiencing the new and exciting is always the highlight of her trips. Uniqueness is an important factor for Rebecca when it comes to travel. For her travel is an opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and challenge herself.

Bucket list destinations for Rebecca? Finding that we often travel away from home, Rebecca has turned her focus to finding adventure in her current state of Maryland. Rebecca moved out east in 2017 and the area is very new to her! She’s excited to get to know another part of the US.

Rebecca's dog, Oisin, joining her on a hike in her own Kentucky back yard

Rebecca’s dog, Oisin, joining her on a hike in her own Kentucky back yard

Advice for Adventurers from an Adventurer: “Take photos! If other Adventurers are like me, I am always so wrapped up in the moment of the trip that I forget to take photos. I am notorious for coming home with nothing but my memories to show for it (and of course a few souvenirs for my friends and family). In a perfect world, I would have photos to return to when the memories fade. On the other hand…I could always just go travel some more and make some new memories!”

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