Meet the Adventurer – Courtney Sanak

Like any true Adventurer, Courtney loves getting out of her comfort zone and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. She travels to fully immerse herself in a destination, the people, and be present in the moment. “The best vacations open your mind to new cultures and ways of life.”

While on a cruise along the Peruvian Amazon, Courtney was able to visit a local community to learn about their daily life. “We fished in the Amazon River and the crew cooked our catch. Traveling has also expanded my palate – I found that piranha is quite delicious!”

Courtney fishing on the Amazon River with a local guide.

No matter where she is headed, Courtney researches the destination to try and find the local hidden gems – whether that be the best neighborhood restaurant or hiking trail. For Courtney, the anticipation of a trip is almost as exciting as being on the trip itself. As a planner at heart you can always expect her to have a packing list and suitcase ready to go days in advance. 

Backpacking in Patagonia, taking in nature’s majesty in one of the world’s last wildernesses.

Her must-have item while traveling? Her camera. “I love taking pictures. My house is full of my favorite travel memories.”

Her favorite travel memories include a safari in South Africa and hiking with her husband in Patagonia. Courtney’s next trip is to Costa Rica where she has planned a mix of adventure and wildlife viewing as well as some downtime on the coast.

Courtney on an African safari game drive posing with a lioness.

Some destinations on her bucket list include New Zealand and East Africa. “I would love to cruise Milford Sound one day with my son, Ellis, and share my love for travel.”

Final advice from this Adventurer? “Be flexible and leave time at leisure in a destination. Sometimes the joy of travel is to take the stress out of dates and times and adopt a laid-back schedule.”

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