Meet the Adventurer – Meg Langrehr

When it comes to travel, Meg likes to dive into the culture of where she is – it’s all about experiencing the location as a local. “I am more interested in the daily lives of people who live there than experiencing the most glitzy trip I can; what they do for fun, where/what they eat, native animals, etc!” Meg finds great excitement in meeting and learning from people who are native to where she travels, feeling “they have a fresh perspective of life to offer.” “I also love adventuring outdoors where I am and would rather be off the beaten path with the locals than in a touristy area/itinerary.” Her travel habits include buying something unique from the destination for her home or a piece of jewelry and taking lots of photos!

Because of her cultured spirit, Meg’s preparation before traveling includes excitement around the new experiences she is going to encounter. Her dream vacation is one that allows her to experience a culture and lifestyle that she has never experienced before; being able to learn from others and nature in a way that she is not exposed to on a daily basis is so rewarding. “I feel that every vacation is a dream in the sense that I am blessed with a healthy mind and body to be able to travel and experience the world.”

Meg finds anywhere near the water to be so energizing and peaceful.

Regardless of where she travels, Meg makes a handwritten list of everything she needs and packs about 2 days ahead of time. She also cleans her house (coming home to a clean space is so refreshing!). Some must have items in her suitcase includes sneakers and workout clothes so she can fit in a good sweat every day! Meg also looks forward to a new book or audiobook to enjoy during a long plane ride or airport hangout.  

Meg enjoying snowboarding in Park City, Utah.

She finds her most memorable trips are the ones that leave her feeling refreshed, peaceful, grateful, and energized. “One of the most standout aspects of a vacation for me is the feeling I come home with.” One of her favorite travel memories recently was snowboarding in Park City, Utah with her boyfriend. “Facing a little bit of fear on the mountains while being in the presence of such beauty in nature – I felt so alive!”

Meg considers herself a summer girl but loves embracing all the elements of the seasons!

Meg hopes to travel to Kenya within the next year!  Some other top destinations on her bucket list are New Zealand, Maldives, Machu Picchu, Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef.

Final advice from this Adventurer? “Embrace other people whom are different from you! They are the best teachers in life!”

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