Meet the Adventurer – Claire Capuano

With Claire’s background in sports and outdoors, it’s no surprise that she is an Adventurer through and through! For her, travel is all about local cuisine and a spectacular view of nature. “I’m a foodie at heart, but love a little adventure to work up an appetite & justify the indulgence! My perfect day would be spent doing something active on the water, followed by finding a local watering hole & tasting a bit of everything!” Although she loves the rush of a day spent outdoors, Claire’s overall outlook on travel & sense of adventure is much broader than activity of the moment. It has always been important for Claire to embrace a world different than her own. Her key values are cultural competence, constant individual growth, and self-development. “I am humbled knowing that the world is so big, and I have an incredible drive to see as much of it as I can! Hopefully I have the time to see as much as possible.” Additionally, she hopes to improve upon her Spanish, as well as learn Italian.

Can’t make it to Korea? BBQ in Los Angeles Korea town is the next best thing!

When Claire looks back on her past travel experiences, the most memorable parts come from the unexpected. “Sure I love laying down on silk sheets and top notch hospitality is a requirement, but it is the unknown that is truly thrilling about a vacation.” Baracuda fishing with a local fisherman tops her list of favorite travel memories, although how long it will hold the number one spot no one can say. “The water was so clear we could follow the fish to catch. Then we took our catch to a restaurant and the chef made us a personalized three course meal of his family’s recipes that were not on the menu. Salt water, family, delicious food and great tequila… it was paradise.”

Before setting out on her next travel endeavor, Claire gets most most excited about the anticipation of getting to her destination. “There is something so exciting to me about waking up early knowing I am about to embark an adventure.” Her preparation is all in the packing—she packs very light for the most part and strategically plans for the weather. As far as her must-haves go she doesn’t leave the house without her headphones. While she’s on vacation, she generally finds herself relaxing at the start. “I like to prop my feet up and relax. Being such an active person physically, there are moments my body really needs the rest. But that only lasts about two days, then I like a boost of adrenaline.”

“The only reason I work out is to eat more delicious food!”

Claire’s future travel plans and ideas span far and wide. Italy is next on her radar, as she plans to meet family that still lives there and learn more about her roots. However, the top destination on her bucket list is Japan – both in the city and also the country side. She’s also interested in traveling to the Azores, Galapagos Island and the South of France. In fact, her dream vacation is sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

Advice from an Adventurer to an Adventurer? – “Get outside of your comfort zone! Many times I get dragged into situations I would not normally put myself into by friends or family. Those are the experiences tend to be my most memorable.”

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