Kenya: Sirikoi Review

Cottage at Sirikoi

If mobile tented camping is a bit too rustic for you, there are other ways to see and enjoy the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. One of my favorite lodges that we visited during my trip to Kenya, Sirikoi oozes with gracious charm and personality. The permanent tents and cottages are all luxurious and beautiful, but the magic is in the “back of house.” This is a family-run business and the entire staff is clearly one big family and the resulting service is a special treat for every guest. The must-do activity while you are on property is to tour the vast gardens. Sirikoi is nearly completely self-sufficient and most of the ingredients used in the meals is harvested and produced right on property. They even make their own charcoal!

the beginning of the Sirikoi Christmas dinner, planted in September

With only 6 permanent tents and 2 cottages, Sirikoi offers an exclusive, intimate environment. For an ultimate luxury experience, guests can reserve one of the private cottages that is equipped with its own staff, including a private driver and guide. After a full day of game drives, grab a cocktail and slip into the infinity pool for even more game viewing overlooking the property’s natural watering hole.

Luxury Tent at Sirikoi

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