Hotel Plus: A Consultative Approach to Travel Planning

For many, the idea of taking a trip and executing said trip are two completely different concepts. Typing “family-friendly vacation ideas” or “luxury hotels in Cabo” into a Google search and watching millions of search results populate can cause more stress than a vacation is worth! This is where our Hotel Plus service comes in. While not every trip needs a consultative approach, there are times when your planning & stay experience will benefit from having our expert guidance.

Our Process

Through our Hotel Plus service, Team Ourisman provides a personalized approach to consultation that takes the personal elements of each trip into account. Our Hotel Plus consultative services require a fee of $150 per destination. We consider many planning elements ranging from budget to ideal dates to the type of property that will best suit the needs of the specific trip and present a curated list of up to 3 options for our clients to choose from. Hotel Plus trips can include as many or as few destinations as needed to find the best fit for your trip.

Added Benefits

In addition to our expert consultative services, Hotel Plus includes our assistance with concierge requests once you have booked. Our team will assist you in communicating with the concierge at your hotel of choice to arrange dinner reservations, spa appointments and airport transfers. Our team will monitor the communication with the concierge to ensure timely responses and helpful service.

When is Hotel Plus most beneficial?

Hotel Plus can benefit a wide range of trip types but is most helpful when you are looking to travel somewhere you have never been or are exploring an accommodation type outside of what you normally book, like a villa or a private home rental. Ourisman Travel has 15 years of hotel and destination knowledge behind us driving our process and our insider information provides key insights that simply cannot be found in a search engine. Having professional recommendations always makes for an easier decision! We not only know what the best family-friendly options are in Cabo, but we also know what the best room categories are to accommodate your needs and our process eliminates most of the back and forth that makes travel planning stressful.

How does Hotel Plus compare to our other services?

Hotel Plus was created to act as a bridge between our straightforward Hotel Only service and our highly curated Tailored Luxury service. Most of our clients are familiar with our Hotel Only service, as this is what Ourisman Travel was founded on when we started as an agency in 2006. Our Hotel Only provides our clients with our exclusive value-added amenities that they have love with our added VIP support and personal attention. Hotel Only does not require any upfront fees, provided trip requests are received before seven days of travel and is ideal for travelers who already know what hotel they want to book for their trip. Our Tailored Luxury service provides clients with in-depth itinerary design, curating trips from start to finish through a collaborative process that prioritizes the individual goals for the trip. Hotel Plus acts as the perfect blend of Hotel Only & Tailored Luxury, providing our personalized approach to consultation without the commitment of a full itinerary.

There are many trips that can benefit from our Hotel Plus consultative service. Honeymooners looking to find the perfect hotel in Hawaii, a family looking for the best option for a weeklong Caribbean getaway, or a group of friends looking for something out of the box for a long-awaited reunion our consultative services will help you find the right hotel for your trip! For more information on our Hotel Plus service and how we can assist with your travel planning, reach out to the team via email at or vial our Travel Request Form.

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