Team Ourisman

We are a boutique, family-owned and operated travel consultancy affiliated with Brownell Travel (the oldest travel agency in the US) and Virtuoso, a network of thousands of luxury hotels and tour companies that offer priority VIP services and consideration to our clients. We prefer the title “travel advisor” instead of “travel agent” because we strive to provide personalized, curated experiences for our clients.

Our goal is to give you the best access and experiences possible by becoming experts in your travel style and leveraging our partnerships with experts in the top luxury travel products and destinations around the world.


Angela Valenti, Managing Director
Travel Personality = The Wanderer – Follow Angela on our blog
Angela is our resident luxury hotel specialist. With a keen eye and extensive knowledge of our partners and their various amenity programs, Angela is on the case to find the perfect hotel and program for your needs. She is able to attend to your requests quickly and efficiently. She is always on the lookout for interesting promotions and strives to make the Hotel Reservation Management side of Ourisman Travel quick & enjoyable with a personal touch.

Angela’s attention to detail and desire to be efficient doesn’t just begin and end with Ourisman Travel. She has spent years planning her own family vacations. She brings the same love to her travel clients and their trips that she does for her family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Angela’s favorite places to return to are Anguilla & New Orleans. Her bucket list destinations include Kenya, Seychelles and Chile!

Team Ourisman Travel Iana DrennanIana Drennan, Sales Leader – Tailored Luxury Specialist
Travel Personality = The Wanderer Follow Iana on our blog
Iana is our resident Tailored Luxury Specialist. She is an expert at turning your travel dreams into reality, taking your personal goals and preferences and translating that into something tangible with plenty of “wow” moments along the way. Iana is also our resident Wanderlist Specialist. Wanderlist is a new approach to the travel planning process and is aimed at those who want to tackle their travel from an intentional and long term vantage point.

Iana embraces her role as team leader by encouraging, challenging, and supporting each team member so that we are always advancing ourselves to better serve our clients. She is passionate about helping our clients see the world in ways they never thought possible and designing trips that they will remember forever!

Jake Mooney, Sales Coordinator
Travel Personality = The Voyager
Jake brings us a fresh perspective to Tailored Luxury with his background in planning group trips and specializing in sports teams’ travel and Caribbean vacations. He isn’t afraid of a challenge and is a master at managing all the moving pieces in an itinerary. Jake has his 5 year travel plans already mapped out and is meticulous in his personal travel planning. He approaches every client’s trip as if it was his own with the same dedication and love for making travel dreams come true!

When not working, you can find Jake watching football with his family, playing in a Baltimore Social softball league, or planning where he wants to travel next. So far, he has traveled to Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, St.Lucia, Bali, and most of the U.S, with many more bucket list trips to come!

Meg Langrehr, Sales Coordinator
Travel Personality = The Adventurer
When you meet Meg, you instantly notice her grounding presence and attention to detail. Her passion for wellness, living vibrantly, and learning from others has allowed her to open her life up beyond what others may see as unattainable in the rush of life, and she is passionate about empowering others to do the same for their lives.

As a Sales Coordinator specializing in Hotel Reservation Management, Meg’s willingness to listen, understand and assist others brings forward a great sense of personability and thoroughness in your booking and travel process.

Outside of work, Meg enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, being outdoors, and anything grounded in fitness and wellness. There aren’t many destinations Meg doesn’t want to explore; some of those at the top of her list include Africa, New Zealand, and Fiji! 

David Ourisman, FounderDavid Ourisman
Travel Personality = The Connector
 – Follow David on our blog
David knows hotels! He has spent the last decade building Ourisman Travel and developing a vast and deep knowledge-base of luxury hotels around the world. He has pioneered our unique primary focus on luxury hotels with value-added amenities. David frequently shares his insights and expertise on his blog, Travel Horizons and travel forums such as FlyerTalk.

As a Connector, David loves exploring new cultures and finding opportunities for artistic expression; he loves capturing each destination’s distinctive landscapes on camera. After spending ten years tied to his desk looking up hotel rates for 12-hours a day, we are finally setting David free to explore the world! David is taking a back seat to our day-to-day operations, but he will still be very involved in the business. His new focus on his own travel will help us strengthen our hotel relationships, diversify our hotel knowledge, and bring you fresh ideas for where to lay your head around the world!

Our Support Team

Team Ourisman Travel Rebecca KellyRebecca Kelly, Operations Manager
Travel Personality = The Adventurer – Follow Rebecca on our blog
Rebecca is obsessed with organization. She is responsible for keeping our work neat and tidy, an ensuring our internal processes translate to a seamless travel planning experience for you. Rebecca has a sharp eye for details, which as you can imagine are important when our clients are traveling the globe!

Before Rebecca moved into the role of Operations Manager, she spent 4 years working as an administrative assistant and travel coordinator. She has been responsible for helping us fine-tune our back office procedures and work flows. Even before you were hearing from her directly, Rebecca had a hand in making sure your trips went off without a hitch! Though she may be a bit of a homebody when she isn’t traveling, vacation provides her with the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and take it all in! Next on her travel wish list is Ireland, Scotland and Jamaica.

Charlotte Nagey, Client Experience Coordinator
Travel Personality = The Wanderer – Follow Charlotte on our blog
Charlotte Nagey loves to make others happy! Before joining the team, Charlotte was a full time yoga instructor with severe wanderlust. It’s no surprise she would find us!

As the Client Experience Coordinator, her goal is to make your vacation wishes a reality. Charlotte is someone who loves to make sure everyone’s dreams come true, so if you’re looking for that extra pillow in your room, bottle of champagne, or a box of chocolates, she’s got you covered!

When not working, Charlotte still continues her passion of yoga, or finding adventure! She has personally traveled to Italy and most of the U.S., with a dream to explore the rest of the world. Her travel goals? Pack a backpack and jet set without a plan.

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